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Made with natural hog hair bristles, it is one of the best brush types for cleaning baseball gloves due to the natural and relatively stiff bristles, allowing this brush to lift dirt and grime from your ball glove leather and cloth portions without damaging them.


The curved head of this brush allows for more ergonomic use of the brush while cleaning, helping you get into the difficult to reach parts of the glove.




Glove Cleaning Brush (Hog Hair)

PriceFrom $8.00
  • Our hog hair brush consists of a wooden handle made from plywood and hog hair bristles. The brush is 7 3/4" long with 7/16" long bristles. 

  • We recommend using this brush in combination with our Glove Cleaner to clean your ball gloves.  Use warm water to wet the bristles and then scrub the glove cleaner onto the brush, generating a bubbly lather.  Once the lather is generated, apply directly to the area of the glove you are cleaning, starting with a gentle scrubbing motion and increasing pressure as needed to remove dirt and grime.  Periodically wipe away and remove the soapy residue with a dry cloth.

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