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Talking Brushes

Buffing brushes, cleaning brushes, tooth brushes. What is the deal with all the brushes?

Well, let's talk about brushes.

At Ball Player's Balm, we offer several brush options; let's start by going over which brushes we currently offer.

Toothbrush Style:

Pictured above: Ball Player's Balm toothbrush style cleaning brush

Our most popular brush is our toothbrush style cleaning brush. It is made of a plywood handle with natural hog hair bristles.

This brush is great for cleaning ball gloves due to the natural and relatively stiff bristles, allowing this brush to lift dirt and grime from your ball glove, especially when paired with our glove cleaner. The curved head of this brush allows for more ergonomic use of the brush while cleaning, which makes it easier to get into the difficult to reach parts of the glove.

This brush can be used to clean the entire glove, or to clean areas that need more detailed attention.

Pictured above: Ball Player's Balm toothbrush style buffing brush Our second most popular brush is our toothbrush style buffing brush. This brush is made with a plywood handle and soft, natural horsehair bristle.

The bristles of this brush are softer than the hog hair bristles, and it is great on both leather and cloth.

Use this brush to remove dirt and debris from your glove after a game, or use it to buff your leather after applying our Pro Glove Conditioner or Game Ready Glove Conditioner.

Buffing your leather helps bring out that beautiful luster!

Block Style

Pictured above: Ball Player's Balm block style cleaning brush

Our block style cleaning brush is made of a rectangular wooden handle with natural hog bristles.

As with our toothbrush style cleaning brush, the block brush is great for cleaning ball gloves. The major difference with this brush is that the bristles are a bit longer, so they do not penetrate the leather quite as deeply as the toothbrush style brush, but this brush makes it easier to clean a larger surface area in a much shorter time.

This brush is great when cleaning the entire glove when paired with Ball Player's Balm Glove Cleaner.

Pictured above: Ball Player's Balm large buffing brush

Our large buffing brush is made of a wooden handle with recessed finger slots on the sides and is filled with natural horse hair bristles.

This brush is great for two purposes; buffing ball gloves, and brushing off loose dirt and debris from ball gloves.

Our large buffing brush makes it easy to buff the entire glove in a short amount of time with the large surface area it covers and it is a great way to keep the luster of your glove looking great.

Another great way to apply this brush is to create a habit of using it to brush off loose dirt from your glove after practice and games. Keep your glove clean and help it last longer by not allowing dirt and grime to become embedded into the grains of the leather.

Pictured above: Ball Player's Balm medium, round head buffing brush

Our last brush to talk about is our medium, round head buffing brush.

Similar to the large buffing brush, this brush is also made using natural horse hair bristles. It is great for brushing off any loose dirt that gets on the glove during practice or games and is also a great option for buffing a ball glove.

Remember, buffing your ball glove will help maintain the luster of your leather, keeping your glove in the best possible condition over the life of your glove.

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