This propreityary, soap based blend has two purposes, clean your leather and smell amazing!


We have mixed all natural ingredients into our glove cleaner blend and we have created a cleaner that will take the dirt off your leather as well as out of your labels, patches, and any other stitching on your glove.


You could even try it on your cleats!


There are select, aromatic properties we have added to this mixture to make it smell incredible! We recommend combining this product with either our Pro Glove Conditioner or Game Ready Glove Conditioner.


Application instructions will come with your cleaner so you know exactly what to do! You can also view our Instagram page IGTV for instructions.


After your glove has fully dried from cleaning, we recommned applying the Ball Player's Balm glove conditioner of your choice.


For just $6 more, you can get a 4oz can! 1.5 oz cans and 4oz cans available!

Glove Cleaner (Two Sizes Available)

PriceFrom $12.00
  • ***The following are simply recommendations. You will most likely need to experiment to find out your favorite way to use the products.

    (Test a small, discrete portion of your glove before covering entire glove to make sure your glove responds well)

    • First test on a small, discreet part of the glove to make sure your glove responds well
    • Using soft brush and (warm) water, rub cleaner until a lather is created 
    • Once lather starts, begin scrubbing the glove, creating a lather on the glove
    • Go back and forth between glove, water, and cleaner in order to maintain desired lather. 
    • Periodically wipe away lather from glove and continue until the glove is finished 
    • Use cleaner on leather and cloth portions of glove
    • Allow glove to fully dry, then use our pro glove conditioner to replenish your glove!
    • Allow cleaner to dry before placing the lid on